Fee – dka

The yawns, the stretches that pull up your shirt, the way wind blows your hair, the laughing so hard you tear up, the sleepy eyes, a smile that turns into a laugh that turns into a cry, the bumping shoulders with the people next to you walking, the handholds, when you stumble over a sentence because you can’t stop laughing at what you’re about to say. The true moments that hold no mask over us, that is purely us – no embarrassment, no shyness. Only pure and raw and under appreciated moments like these that I fall in love with humanity.


Click this link for better feelings > vdka n listerine ° Kiefer and david otis ]


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    1. glowstick says:

      Yea xD. I quoted this true shit from tumblr lol

      Liked by 1 person

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