Ouh – ut

It’s Monday at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and I want a cup of coffee and you. I want your 3 pm yawn and your 5 pm exhausted smile. I wish I had your, “It’s 7, is there anything on tonight, babe?” I wish I had your 8 pm head on my lap, eyes fluttering shut as I run my fingers through your hair. I want your 9.45 sleepy voice, “Is it bed time, babe?” I want your 10 pm tooth brushing and your 10.05 stripping of clothes. I want your 10.10 pulling down the covers and the way you slide into bed. I want the contented sigh, your arm around my waist. I want your sleepy hug and your, “I love you, sleep well.” I want you at 6 am and at 2 pm. I want you on good Mondays and bad Mondays and everyday in between.

Click this link for better feelings > Out of love • two friends n cosmos creature ]


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